Remus Tower began in 2014 when owner, Jared Remus, saw a need to address tower beacon location compliance issues. Jared had previously been a tower technician and experienced the issues firsthand. He developed 6 products that provide a solution to tower service providers. Two of those products are now patented or patent-pending.

Today, Jared offers those products to tower service providers through Remus Tower Service. Providing high quality expandable and standard beacon extensions is the company's main focus, along with beacon mounting plates. 

All products are proudly manufactured in the heart of the United States, from the first weld to the final coating.

A welder welds on a Remus Tower beacon extension with the words Remus Tower cut out of the side.

The Patented Crank Up Expandable Beacon Extension

RTS 36-66

Jared developed his first patent in response to the OSHA act preventing work on any object over 36 inches above the structure of the tower. The RTS 36-66 is an expandable metal framework that expands from 36 inches up to 66 inches.

The development of the patented RTS 36–66 was driven by the FAA regulation prohibiting the tower beacon to be located behind the antennas surrounding the top of the tower. Another impetus was an OSHA act preventing work on any object over 36 inches above the structure of the tower.

The RTS 36–66 is an expandable metal framework installed at the top of the tower to raise and lower the beacon above obstructions. When installed, the RTS-36-66 expands from 36 inches up to 66 inches with locking points every 6 inches. A person can safely work on the beacon at the retracted 36 inches height. Once completed, a removable hand crank is used to extend the beacon up the full 66 inches height.

The RTS 36–66 is engineered from durable zinc plated steel. The frame features engineered gussets that are strategically located to reduce weight while maintaining full structural integrity.

Standard Beacon Extensions

RTS-24 and RTS-36

Remus Tower also offers standard 24" and 36" Beacon Extensions. These extensions provide the extra height that may be needed to meet beacon visibility guidelines.